Dr. Susan Ziebarth

Sue and MicHigh achieving women love to contribute. They have a drive and passion for making the world a better place. They strive for work-life balance amid the multiple roles they live with daily. High achieving women are not defined by their social status, income, or position on the career ladder – they are characterized by their desire to achieve. Susan Ziebarth has developed an expertise in high achieving women from being one, working with them, leading them, and studying them.

Dr. Ziebarth began her educational journey with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Health Studies from the University of Waterloo. Feeling a draw to management, she pursued a Masters Degree in Health Administration from the University of Ottawa. As leadership became a strong focus for Susan, she devoted much passion, time, and energy to completing her Doctorate in Management from the University of Phoenix in 2008. The capstone achievement for Susan was receiving the University’s Dissertation of the Year Award for her dissertation entitled “The Paradox of Intention and CEO Leadership: A Dialogic Inquiry Action Research Study”.

An accomplished writer, Dr. Ziebarth has edited and published two Canadian health care management textbooks. Additionally, she has written articles for peer reviewed journals as well as provided editorial comment for a national journal. Dr. Ziebarth has lead and/or co-authored many written and oral presentations to the Canadian government that have had an impact on the national health policy aBrava 2013genda. She is currently conducting interviews with high achieving women for an upcoming book.

Dr. Ziebarth’s career has seen her work in private health care businesses, community hospitals, and in long term care. She moved to the non-profit association sector within the education department of a national hospital association where she became the Director of Education. Long before the internet was available, the programs offered by the association were at the forefront of distance education for adult learners integrating theory and practice through print materials, residencies, and mentorship.

Sue at MeetingSusan’s next challenge was in the charitable sector as Director of Education for another national health organization, and then to the Executive Director position of a local health organization in Ottawa. Next, taking her experience, skills, and education, Susan embarked upon taking an organization as its Executive Director, from a status quo existence to an organization that had impact which provided enormous benefit for its members. During her tenure, she guided the organization through some extraordinary growth.

As President and CEO of Lairimar Corporation Dr. Ziebarth works with high achieving women who desire to be extraordinary and are seeking fulfillment and peace of mind in their careers and growth in their own businesses. She knows that for women to know and live their joy they have to have what they are doing in alignment with who they are.

Many women have childcare and eldercare demands and may face overt or covert discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace and sometimes in the home. Many leave their jobs because they are boring and they feel they have little chance for advancement and many remain in positions that stifle them because they do not know what alternatives may exist. More and more women are leaving the corporate world to become entrepreneurs so that they can experience challenging work and create an environment that aligns with their values. Yet with these challenges also come risks which may be daunting and overwhelming.

SSue and Bunnyometimes successful women are serial achievers, not recognizing and celebrating their current success because they are already searching for something more. The drive for perfection also can isolate and separate high achieving women as they do not feel like they fit in with their environment, friends, or colleagues. Yet others are so caught up in the endurance race they live on a daily basis that they become numb to the feelings of anxiety, tiredness, and emptiness that may creep in over time.

Susan’s programs help women to own their value and charge what they are worth, know and understand their relationship with money and how it can impair and sabotage or support their success, and help women who feel stuck or feel like they are living out of integrity clarify their journey so that they can make thoughtful choices in alignment with their life’s intentions.

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