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Core Values Index™

The core values index can help you better understand yourself and what makes some things so easy and others such a challenge. I have worked with the core values for many years and have found the insights people have gained to allow them to shift from reaction to action. You can access a free version of the assessment by clicking here Green Arrow Circle Right Up Down


“The Core Values Index™ (CVI™) is the only human assessment instrument that characterizes the innate “real” unchanging nature of a person. The CVI is the first tool to accurately and reliably quantify (measure) the various core values that are inscribed into your innate nature. Innate core values are defined as:
1. existing from birth; inborn; native
2. Inherent in the essential character of something.
3. Originating in or arising from the intellect or the constitution of the mind, rather than learned through experience.
4. Unchanging in nature” (Lynn Ellsworth Taylor, 1997 The Core Values Handbook)

University of Pennsylvania – Authentic Happiness Questionnaires Center

This site offers many free questionnaires that measure character strengths and facets of happiness. I find the Optimism Test to be particularly helpful. You do have to register and your results will be used in research about happiness but your personal identifying information is not included in the research. The tests help you assess where you are in relation to others who have taken the tests and you can return to see your scores and view your progression.

Clance Imposter Phenomenon Scale (CIPS)

Dr. Pauline Rose Clance is the leading expert in The Imposter Phenomenon. I have found her work and her assessment the Clance Impostor Phenomenon Test (CIPS )beneficial in assisting the many women I have worked with who are high-achieving and successful women who feel like a fraud and are concerned that others will discover they are not as wonderful as those people think they are.

On her website Dr. Pauline Rose Clance developed offers free access to her assessment (for personal use only) to assist people in determining whether they have Imposter Phenomenon characteristics and  to ascertain the degree to which they are experiencing the feelings of being a fraud.  She advises that you take the test prior to reading the scoring instructions and notes that the results do not constitute an official diagnosis.

Harvard University’s Project Implicit

Do you have subconscious biases about women in the workplace? I recommend testing yourself to see if your subconscious biases are holding you back or perhaps have you holding others you work with back? At Harvard University’s Project Implicit you can test your subconscious biases on many subjects including gender and the workplace.

Extraversion- Introversion Scale – Dan Pink

Do you know where you sit on the Extraversion- Introversion Scale?  Dan Pink in his book To Sell is Human makes some cogent arguments that we are all in the business of sales. The book is well written and breaks some myths as well as supports some long-held collective beliefs with research citations. One of the myths that he breaks is that extraverts are better at selling. He highlights Wharton University’s Adam Grant research that ambiverts are the most effective sales people. Dan Pink has replicated the extraversion and introversion assessment which is available free at this link

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